AutoDEM's team

>  Main developer Joachim Pouderoux

Joachim.Pouderoux at

PhD Candidate at LaBRI
University of Bordeaux - France

AutoDEM born in January 2003 by J. Pouderoux as a graphical interface support for his master's thesis research work, directed by P. Guitton and J.-C. Gonzato. J.P. is actually working on his PhD thesis about DEM generation from scanned topographical maps and their visualization on handheld computers. This thesis is a part of the IPARLA / INRIA Futurs project at LaBRI, the computer science laboratory of Université Bordeaux 1, France. This work is partially granted by the Region Aquitaine and European Social Funds.

>  Other developers Salvatore Spinello

Salvatore.Spinello at
Developer of the contours recognition algorithm based on crust. He also worked with Joachim on geodesic interpolation, contours reconstruction, contours interpolation.
Irek Tobor
Greets for the Radial Basis Function interpolation code developed for his work on Point Rendering.
Guillaume Fuchs
Greets for his implementation of some vectorization procedures.